Monday, March 10, 2014


Why do we need a skeleton?

Our skeleton is made of more than 200 bones. Calcium and other minerals make the bone strong but slightly flexible. Bone is a living tissue with a blood supply. It is constantly being dissolved and laid down, and it can repair itself if a bone is broken. Exercise and a balanced diet are important for a healthy skeleton.
The skeleton has three main functions:
  • to support the body
  • to protect some of the vital organs of the body
  • to help the body move.


The skeleton supports the body. For example, without a backbone we would not be able to stay upright.


Here are some examples of what the skeleton protects:
  • the skull protects the brain
  • the ribcage protects the heart and lungs
  • the backbone protects the spinal cord.
Human Skeleton


Some bones in the skeleton are joined rigidly together and cannot move against each other. Bones in the skull are joined like this. Other bones are joined to each other by flexible joints. Muscles are needed to move bones attached by joints

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